Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Rugby League Reads

The library has a few new rugby league books -

Footy Fables - 16 fun Rugby league fables, tales and legends to tackle. A story for every one of your favourite league team - Warriors, Rabbitohs, Panthers, broncos, Bulldogs etc.
Good short stories. We have two copies of this and it is very popular, so ask Mrs Atkinson to put your name down on the reserve list if you want to read it.

There is an amazing new Legends of League series of 5 books - Stories of Community, Stories of Cultural Diversity, Stories of Health and Wellbeing, Stories of Family and Stories of Education.
Meet 3 rugby league players in each book who have overcome various challenges in education; have had support and encouragement from their family to get where they are today ; who value the importance of a healthy lifestyle and have faced physical and mental challenges; who have diverse cultural backgrounds and share their experiences of growing up in their communities.

Your teachers are able to issue class sets of Rugby League magazines - there are 2013 and 2014 issues. These magazines are literacy based with an emphasis on kicking off your reading via league players and their stories. Presented in a high glossy format, with each club represented in each issue, these are a fun way to get you engaged in your classwork. Each article covers such genres as procedural (recipes), responses (interviews with players and book reviews), recounts (players talking about hobbies), information reports (what does a physiotherapist do?), narratives etc.
There are multiple issues of these, so get together with your mates to discuss your reading, players, games, league game rules... a fabulous magazine.

See Mrs Atkinson if you wish to borrow any of these - they are proving to be very, very popular.

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