Sunday, 31 August 2014

An adventure in a "52 Storey Treehouse"

Look what has arrived. Andy Griffith's new treehouse adventure. We have five copies in the library (the extra one was for my own family). You will need to add your name to the wait list for the book. Please try to read it as fast as you can (and enjoy it on the way - each page is a work of art with so much detail), so your school mates can receive a copy quicker. This will be popular for months.

We have many other books by Andy, so come and have a look (under "G" along the fiction wall).

Head over to Andy's website too -  there is a lot of cool stuff here. I do need to buy another copy or two of his "Bad Book" and "The Very Bad Book".

Vi and Siale in Room 29 were the first two lucky students to get a copy - Vi has been waiting for months and months for this book. And he has another year to go to wait for the next one - The 63 Storey Treehouse (due September 2015).

So many lucky children in Australia are meeting Andy as he travels around Australia signing copies for them of this new book.

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