Thursday, 28 August 2014

Poetry by Room 28

Room 28 have written some wonderful poems, which I have e-mailed into the Upstart magazine to see if they will publish them.

YOU can bring poems, stories, letters into the library and we can e-mail the items into Upstart - the magazine comes out bi-monthly.  They have very cool prizes for items published. Come and see the magazine in the library.

They light up the way
And help me sleep
They go away in the day
But it's night time they seek
They shine all the time.                                                                     (by Tayla)

She gives a great new year
And shines very bright
She gives a shining morning
And keeps me up early
She goes places where she is not seen.                                             (by Kaia)

He helps the tides change
he helps cast mystical light
And helps make our night
he swipes everyone away with his lonely face.                                 (by Corrin)

The Moon
He gives me light during the night
And sometimes it's bright
He watches over me
The moon is like a rock
And makes me fall asleep.                                                                  (by Ingatu)

She helps me live
And keeps me clean
She's like my mother
And is very keen
She makes me happy.                                                                         (by Tusipepa)

They look over me
And also look nice
They are like friends
And also light the sky
They sometimes fade away.                                                               (by John)

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