Monday, 13 February 2012

We LOVE books!

It is Valentine's Day tomororow. While I don't celebrate it (and think it is a waste of money personally!), I LOVE books. Books and reading  should be celebrated every day of our lives!
I thought I would show you some of my favourite books ever!

 Allen and Unwin is one of my favourite publishers ever! Every month I received a FREE book from them and all I have to do is read it and review it. This review then goes up onto their website - .

Look up these titles and you will find my review...

Trouble Twisters
A Song for Lorkie
Grumpy Little King
Darius Bell and the Crystal bees
The Road To Goonong
Paradise Trap
Vinnie's War
That's Not a Daffodil
The Girl Savage
Odd and the Frost Giants
Shake a leg

Some of my favourite EVER books :

"The Playground" Compiled by Nadia Wheatley is one of my favourite books at the moment. This is a collection about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Australia combined from memoirs and oral histories. Oral histories are when you talk about your own life. "We use the bush as our school and as our playground" says one of the authors. The warmth of home and family and the strength of the community shines through in the stories by both adults and students.
I think it is very important to know about all minorities and the Aboriginal community has a wealth of knowledge. A fantastic insight into a culture close to NZ.

"Are We There Yet? " is an Australian classic picture books that I think should be read by everyone! My 8 year old received a copy when he was 4 and can nearly recite it off by heart now. It is a journey around Australia and you learn so much about the geography, famous landmarks etc - a fantastic introduction to an amazing country!

"Two Summers" is a book about the great cycles of nature  - it is set on a farm and relays the story about the same farm, same friend coming to visit but to a totally different landscape. The ravages of drought can be so terrible.

"Baa Baa Smart Sheep" is hilarious when read to classes. A New Zealand book written by Mark Sommerset, it tells the story of a smart sheep and apile of poo....

Roland Harvey is also an Australian author and he writes about the beach, in the city, in the bush etc. All of his titles are beautifully illustrated and a bit like the "Where's Wally" books, in that there is a lot to look at and find in the pictures. They always teach you about Australia and the land, animals etc - I love all of the series.
- "In the City" , "At the Beach", "In the Bush."

I think picture books are totally under -rated and we ALL need to read more of them - yes even year 7/8!!!
There are "Sophisticated Picture Books" written for older children too - but that is another post! (and a whole library lessons session!)
 "Are We There Yet?"
 Roland Harvey books
 "Two Summers"

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