Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Kensuke's Kingdom - Reviewed by Rhonda, Year 7, Room 24

The book is interesting and it was a sad story. It is about a boy named Michael who floated to an island after falling from his parent's boat. And he went to sleep with his dog and when he woke up there was food there for him. He wanted to thank whoever gave him the food, so he wrote a message on the rocks to thank that person.
When he lit a fire, he saw an orangatan throwing sand on his fire and when the orangatan came close, it was actually an old man. And the old man told him to not light a fire anymore. Michael was afraid of the old man.  Michael liked the red bananas from the old man. Afterwards they became friends and the old man taught him how to paint and how to fish and one day the old man told him he he got onto the island. He told Michael he is Japanese and when he got to the island he learned how to survive by copying the orangatan and at the end the old man promised the boy that he'd go with him when a rescue ship comes. And when Michael's parents found him, the old man didn't want to go anywhere. He wanted to stay with the orangatans.
By Rhonda of Room 24 .

Rhonda's dad has also read the book! He took the book from Rhonda, so he could read it himself!!

**** Mrs Atkinson has read this too and LOVED it! And cried!!!*****

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