Friday, 27 January 2012

Mrs Atkinson's Summer Reading

What did you read these summer holidays? Come and show me the book and tell me about it and I can put a little book review on this blog!

What did I read? Lots and lots!!

My very very favourite author at the moment is Michael Morpurgo. He is English and has written many, many books! I am trying to buy everyone of his at home! I was lucky and got a small pile of his books for Christmas too.

You might know "War Horse" that is currently on at the movies? Have you seen it? Well it was book before it was a movie and it is written by Michael Morpurgo!!

 "War Horse" is written from the horse's point of view. His lovingly looked after by a young lad called Albert. Albert trains the horse Joey to be a working farmhorse and has a very close relationship with it. One day Albert's Dad sells the horse, leaving Albert totally distraught. Joey is sold to the army and goes off to fight in a horrible war. Albert meanwhile joins the army as soon as he is old enough and becomes a vet assistant. he never gives up on trying to find Joey, It is a powerful story of friendship and highly recommended

 A much quicker read of Michael Morpurgo's is "Not bad for a Bad Lad." This is written as a recount about a young boy remembering his life. He is seen as a bad lad, a trouble maker at school. He does discover that he is good at playing the drums. He leaves school and 14 and has a troubled life of stealing and is eventually sent to borstal ( a home for naughty children!). here he discovers the stable and starts looking after a horse called Dombey. This helps keep him out of trouble but the horse is sold to the army. The lad is let out of borstal for good behaviour and one day joins up to the army. he finds Dumbey again and the story end beautifully!
 Want to know all about bee pollination and how a class of students help re-pollinate plants for the dying bees? read about a horrilbe teacher who thinks she can blackmail her students to win a big competition and an even more nastier mayor? "Darius Bell and the Crystal Bees" is the book for you! Odo Hirsch was born in Australia and now lives in England. He is a master story teller and we have several of his books in the library as pictured below!

 All the "Wild West Gang" stories by Joy Cowley have been published into one book! Great for reading a shortish story all at once! One of my favourite New Zealand authors! Joy also writes picture books - we have many in the library too!
Another of Michael Morpurgo's books - we have a class set for years 7-8. This made me cry!! it is a MUST read!!! About a young boy who is swept overboard from his parent's yacht and how he is marooned on a desert island.

So that is just a few that I read. The teachers all read books over the holidays too, so hoepfull we will ahve some reviews from them on here soon too!

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