Thursday, 26 January 2012

Charlie and Kiwi - a new picture book

  We have a lovely new picture book "Charlie and Kiwi", written by Eileen Campbell. Charlie has to write a report for school on a bird. He wanted something different and a little surprising. His parents bought him back a stuffed kiwi from a holiday in New Zealand.Charlie wanted to know why a kiwi was so different to other birds, so he asks his stuffed kiwi. Suddenly they are zooming through space, back in time to discover all about kiwis.
 Way back in time. They go on a journey through evolution to discover how the first birds evolve into thousands of kinds of birds.
 We find out birds evolved from dinosaurs! And learn all about kiwis along the way. It is full of great information.

The book is written in conjunction with the New York Hall of Science - New York City's hands-on science centre. They help to promote science and technology as important tools that help us understand ourselves and the world in which we live!

Come and have a look at this new book! It is fantastic that a book about kiwis has been published by a USA publisher!

Mrs. Atkinson

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